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Published on May 14th, 2012 | by Dan


Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Arrives, Brings Good News

Max Payne 3 is almost here, with the PC version releasing on May 29. (It comes out May 15 on console, but why would you care about that?)

Now you have an even better reason to stick it out a couple weeks and wait for the PC version. Speculation had been floating around that Max Payne 3 would use Games for Windows Live after a screenshot from Rockstar’s social network, ‘The Social Club,” had the GFWL logo on it. And given that Rockstar has used GFWL in the past with titles like Grand Theft Auto IV, we were certainly concerned. However, Rockstar has since debunked this rumor via Twitter.

So thankfully, you won’t need to go through 45 different logins just to play as your favorite drunk, brooding detective. We expect the game to be very polished, as that was the reasoning given behind the PC version’s delay. Rockstar usually does it right, and they’ve already scored a point by scrapping GFWL.

Above is the launch trailer for the game, in all its dark glory. This trailer is entirely constructed of in-game footage, so check it out to get a glimpse at what you can expect on release day.

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5 Responses to Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer Arrives, Brings Good News

  1. Ofenlicht says:

    Will Scott play it on console?

  2. mrguitarbhoy says:

    I love max payne. Such a good series. Will probs do a lets play.

  3. munkyadrian says:

    i just popped a stiffy

  4. MrBop says:

    “This trailer was made entirely from ingame footage.” Pants = ruined.

  5. Wheelzz says:

    Yes please!

    Just played Max Payne last week and im finishing up the 2nd one this week! (Yeah I know im late to the party but I grew up playing motocross games on PS2 and 007 on Gamecube!) One of the best games I have ever play and I cant wait for #3!

    Thats pretty insane that the trailer was 100% In-game Footage!



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