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Published on June 19th, 2012 | by Dan


New Amnesia Trailer Terrifies Us with Oinks of Anguish


Seriously, Frictional Games? One trailer in and already you have us curling up in the fetal position in horror?

Just when you thought Amnesia couldn’t get any more terrifying, the game’s upcoming sequel, A Machine for Pigs, is on its way. When it was first announced, we were excited at the prospect of seeing many terrified face cams of people attempting to do live playthroughs of the game. From the looks and sounds of A Machine for Pigs, co-developer thechineseroom has had nothing but a positive effect on the atmosphere of the game thus far.

If you thought the monsters in Amnesia: The Dark Descent were bad, the sounds coming from this one…oh man, just watch the trailer above and hope you can still sleep tonight. A Machine for Pigs is slated for a Q4 release this year, so you’d better start your mental preparation now.

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  • Hydro

    Reminds me of Pig Zombiemen in minecraft :O. So terrifying

  • Dem pig sounds. I won’t play it because I’m too much of a pussy but the live coms will be amazing.

  • RossGeddes

    I honestly don’t see how anyone can be scared of Amnesia.

    • PuzZle

      I can see why they would but I’m with you on that it’s not scary for me. If it had some hardcore gore stuff in it I probably would :p

      • RossGeddes

        Meh, Nothing scares me. It’s the Scottish upbringing. I’ve seen it all.

  • J4ke

    Pig monsters? Nope. I’m done.

  • At first I had it on fullscreen…but then I had to minimize it because I was too scared. :(

  • Akaitenshi

    I want to see Nick play this game and see him squeal in terror…

  • Boocakeh

    yes, pre-ordered

  • KBMOD Lucidity

    did nick fenton do the voice acting for the pigs?

  • Au5513

    Its ok! Fenton can communicate and make friends. Its all good bros.

  • How much did Fenton get for doing the vocals?

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