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Good morning! Witcher 3 is just top-notch video gaming.

Good morning. I went to a tavern last night and watched a bard play a moving ballad, in Witcher 3. It was amazing. I almost felt myself burning out on the game, and then this happened. The Witcher 3 is how you make a video game. A master class.

Let’s get to the news!

Dat’s sexy: Check out this fantastic black and white motherboard from MSI for Skylake. Do want. An entire black and white build would look amazing. Someone do this.

Please stop: A new Duke Nukem game is in the concept stage at Gearbox. Let’s hope it kinda just dies in the concept stage.

Change those passwords: EPIC’s forums have been hacked and information may have been compromised. If you are a UE4 devotee or in Fortnite Alpha, go change your passwords!

The broken bat: Batman: Arkham Knight will not be coming out for sale again this season. You’ll be waiting until at least the fall for the game to come back on sale on PC. Want to know what you’ll be getting into when it does re-release? Read our review!

Is nothing sacred: The lines of Alliance and Horde will finally be blurred beyond repair. WoW is planning to introduce a mercenary mode in order to even out PvP battles. No release date is available yet. Man, war does change.

Damn, this got dark: Have 7 minutes of SOMA footage. It appears to be a worthy follow up to the Amnesia games. Think a more horror-filled, dark Bioshock.

That’s it for today. We’ll be live this weekend with EVO hosting and Dreamhack AND a couch stream. Phew.

Good talk. See ya out there.

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One Response to Good morning! Witcher 3 is just top-notch video gaming.

  1. BOSS jediZOHAN says:

    Man the sooner Geabox goes out of business the better, they just keep ruining every IP they’re given.



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