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Published on June 15th, 2012 | by Dan


Watch Dogs Teases Multiplayer Aspects

We loved what we saw of Ubisoft’s upcoming title Watch Dogs at E3, and now more details are starting to emerge about the game. Speculation was rampant at E3, as the demo you’ve seen doesn’t tell the whole story. Those in attendance at E3 got a longer version where, after the explosion and assassination by Aiden Pierce (the protagonist of Watch Dogs), the game demo switched to a second character.

It turns out this was a completely separate character controlled by another player who had been viewing the carnage of the car crash and assassination from a nearby building. VG247 spoke with executive producer Dominic Guay (see video above) about the multiplayer tease:

“Online is in the DNA of Watch Dogs. It’s super important to us. We couldn’t announce our game and not at least tease online.

Basically, Jonathan, our creative director was playing Agent Pearce at the conference, and I was playing another character, who hacked into him, who had his own objective and we crossed paths. It was basically two players who crossed paths with their own objectives.”

Things just got really interesting for Watch Dogs. If you can play with friends, all criss-crossing this open world with various different objectives, that adds a whole new dimension to a game that was already very enticing. Players can interact entirely by happenstance, and maybe that storefront your friend just blew up completely messed up the hit you were trying to make (or even did the job for you). The possibilities are intriguing, if very ambitious.

So if you’re already throwing money at your screen like I am, Watch Dogs is slated for a PC and console release sometime in 2013.

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4 Responses to Watch Dogs Teases Multiplayer Aspects

  1. Akaitenshi says:

    Like howmany people would you have in the same city, I can see that getting very gta like very fast, I don’t think that’s the point of this game.
    The idea of someone else watching you from the shadows is somewhat interesting though

  2. Lanxie says:

    i need this now

  3. Pandahkiin says:


  4. TheBadamanCJ says:

    Holy shit that sounds amazing. TAKE MY MONEY



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