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Published on June 5th, 2012 | by Dan


Watch Dogs: Ubisoft’s New IP Looks to be the Best of E3

We hate on Ubisoft a lot here at KBMOD, and mostly with good reason. Today however, I am personally going to praise Ubisoft for bringing the best title to E3 so far. The trailer and nine minutes of game play footage from new IP Watch Dogs is the only thing you need to see from E3 as a PC gamer.

This is a brand new IP, something lacking in most of the E3 presentations this year. Sequels with outdated graphics for underpowered consoles and ‘entertainment innovation’ were the line of the day for most presenters. Watch Dogs is developed by the team at Ubisoft Montreal. The game features open world cyber-crime and espionage and borrows from titles like Assassin’s Creed, Deus Ex and even Heavy Rain. It adds electronic warfare, hacking and gratuitous use of cell phones. Ubisoft are even running fake websites based on the game to get gamers hooked in.

In Watch Dogs, you play as protagonist Aiden Pierce in the not-so-distant future. He wields a cellphone and his fists to get in and out of trouble. He is able to hack the central computer (ctOS in the games lingo) that controls everything in Chicago from subways to traffic lights to cell towers, giving you the power to use the city to your advantage. Everything is connected, all information can be used to figure out who or where someone is or to use as a weapon. Sounds very intriguing.

And then there is the engine. Oh my, the engine. The game play in the demo below will blow you away.  The level of detail and smoothness make it appear to be played on a PC, and hopefully it is because this game appears to be able to put a gaming machine to the test. Regardless, the game is slated to come out on PC as well as all consoles according to IGN. There is no firm release date yet.

Now only one question remains: Will Ubisoft DRM prevent us PC gamers from getting any fun out of this extremely promising title or will they finally just let us play?

Gameplay demo: 

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11 Responses to Watch Dogs: Ubisoft’s New IP Looks to be the Best of E3

  1. UnsungPower says:

    This and Dishonoured are looking to be my favourite (new ip) games of 2012.

  2. JewCFroot says:


  3. Wheelzz says:

    Looks awesome. Hopefully Ubisoft doesn’t let us down!

  4. Mindscape says:

    Oh my. Looks stellar.

  5. Y2Ken says:

    Looks exciting. I’d imagine it was shown on PC and everything I’ve heard seems to confirm that. Looking forward to seeing more of it, could be very cool.

  6. TheBadamanCJ says:

    I heard the version of it showed at E3 was on PC and played with a pad. I’m not 100% on that though.

    • diwas-got-game says:

      Yes the demo was played on a “high-end Nvidia PC” according to Ubisoft, using a generic plug-n-play controller. I thinks its time I retire my 580.

  7. Shife says:

    Seems to be too good to be true if it’s that gameplay is from an outdated console.. I mean it has AA, lololol

  8. RossGeddes says:

    The only game I seen at E3 that looks to not be an interactive movie. I can’t wait for this, even though no doubt the DRM will be heavy.

  9. adrian_fedz says:

    i am moist



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