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Published on August 9th, 2012 | by Brandon


Valve Expanding Steam Beyond Games Next Month

So if you listened to Episode 53 of the KBMOD Podcast, you might have heard that Gabe Newell isn’t a fan of Windows 8. Given that Valve’s Steam platform would be at huge risk if Microsoft ever “locks down” Windows in a way similar to what Apple has begun to do with their desktop operating system, it’s not hard to see why Gabe feels the way he does. To reduce their reliance on Microsoft, Valve has already begun to make a big push for Linux support.

Now, Gabe and company are going to take a shot at beating Microsoft’s Windows Store to the punch by expanding Steam from a gaming platform into a general purpose application platform. In a press release yesterday, Valve doesn’t mention any specific product names, but says we can expect titles “[ranging] from creativity to productivity” to launch on Steam on September 5.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this announcement is that Valve says much of this newly available software will have support for Steamworks features like one-click installation, automatic updating, and the ability to save your work to the Steam Cloud. Developers will also be able to submit software titles to the upcoming Steam Greenlight system, where the community will help decide the next titles to come to Steam.

For many of us, Steam already houses much of our PC gaming library. But will you trust Valve with all of your software? Give us your take in the comments below!

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14 Responses to Valve Expanding Steam Beyond Games Next Month

  1. TheBadamanCJ says:

    I’d definitely move to Linux, it’s open platform, runs faster and you don’t have to pay for it. Provided other programs I use will be available on Linux the only downside is it’s not as easy to use. With this announcement coupled with Valve’s push for Linux hopefully Valve will also bring over the programs. How they’d do that I don’t know but I hope they succeed.

  2. Haze says:

    In steam I trust, so i’ll gladly use the new (or original) word and excel kind of programs from steam. Especially whith all the sails it might get expensive though, I dl everything now :/

  3. sweeeps says:

    Seems like Valve wants to take on the world. Next you’ll buy your lube on Steam to masturbate to pics of Gaben with. Awesome

  4. BrandonMirrors says:

    I could care less. MapleStory was released today on steam, and that is all I need.

  5. TehFatGuy says:

    Imagine if valve made a steam OS, that would be awesome…

  6. Ryklost says:

    I would be happy to make the full switch to Linux if new games start to support it.

  7. Splozy says:

    Dick move from both companies.

  8. Duck says:

    I think the problem with this service is Steam’s DRM. It’s obviously about bringing something good to the table, when we are talking about always online requirements. And Steam does that very good for the gamer, but i don’t see it the same direction when we aren’t talking about games. But Good Guy Valve will probably end up adding something amazing, that will end up changing the standards. That’s just my take on it. But it will be interresting to see where Steam (and Valve) will go in the future.

  9. Akaitenshi says:

    I think I would switch over to Linux if games worked on it, IDK though cuz I’ve never used it, but I’ve heard so many things from it. Sounds a lot like let’s say another microsoft product… IE in comparison to Firefox/Chrome.

    • Fidees says:

      I will say having just tried Linux for the first time recently that it definitely does not welcome noobs into things like installing programs and getting things to run properly

  10. Whyaim says:

    Valve should expand steam and make it an OS lol.

  11. mrcanadianaviator says:

    I personally think Valve is taking the right choice here. Whoever decided Window 8 should compete with Steam should be fired.



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