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Published on August 16th, 2012 | by Dan


Zombie Studios Announces New Cel-shaded Shooter

Zombie Studios has been doing well for itself lately with its hit free-to-play shooter, Blacklight: Retribution. Blacklight has captured a hardcore audience, thanks to its extensive character/weapon customization and skill-based gameplay. Yesterday, we learned about Zombie’s next effort, Special Forces Team X, which looks to have a totally different feel.

As you can see in the gameplay preview video above, Special Forces Team X is a very different animal than Blacklight. Zombie has opted for a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective and a cover-based play style that no doubt draws some inspiration from the blockbuster Xbox franchise Gears of War. The game is also outfitted with a tremendous cel-shaded visual style and what appears to be an extremely fast pace. Zombie’s Jared Gerritzen mentioned that, rather than going for the hardcore player (as Blacklight does), Team X will be tailored more casually for someone who just wants to jump in and play.

So you might be wondering, what makes Team X different from Gears or a game like Microvolts (a personal favorite of mine)? The answer is dynamic, customizable maps made up of a combination of three different “tiles”. Before a match, each team will vote on one tile each, and the middle tile will be randomized. According to Gerritzen, the game will ship with nine tile sets, but the plan is to add hundreds more over the game’s lifetime.

Similar to Blacklight, Team X will have customizable character appearance and loadouts, as well as what appear to be kill streaks. Based on these elements, we assume that the game may include microtransactions, but we have confirmed that Team X will not be free-to-play (though we don’t have any additional details yet). Zombie has also obtained licenses from companies such as H&K so that weapons in Team X will bear their real-life names, something rarely seen in games due to the cost of such licensing.

If you’re ready to get your cel-shaded destruction on, you won’t have to wait long to join Team X, as it’s scheduled to release later this summer. The game will be available via download, but there will be no beta period beforehand, according to a tweet from Gerritzen. No platforms (read: Steam) are definite yet, but Zombie is in talks with several avenues.

With PAX Prime only a couple of weeks away, we hope to get some hands-on time with Team X at the Zombie booth. For now, definitely check out the interview and gameplay footage above, and keep your face glued to KBMOD for more Special Forces Team X news as it becomes available!

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15 Responses to Zombie Studios Announces New Cel-shaded Shooter

  1. JeffLaFlavor says:

    Im still confused as to the hardcore gamers get to play for free as the casual gamers have to pay? im sorry but im still going to casually black blacklight just because i can

  2. natanOJ says:

    dat game name.. haha wow

  3. BrandonMirrors says:

    Scumbag Rick Lesley can’t create a good map so he has the community do it for him. No praise.

  4. Akaitenshi says:

    “We licensed all of the weapons”
    wut wait… so in bf3 they have a “m5k” and “ACW-R”, which don’t exist…
    and Zombie studios took the money to actually fully license them..
    weird.. EA probably has to pay a bigger price I guess, cuz the game is bigger idk…

    • Wheelzz says:


  5. Splozy says:

    “Blacklight has captured a hardcore audience, thanks to its extensive character/weapon customization and skill-based gameplay.” Oh Kbmod, You so funny.

    The tile system sounds good though, I read a good article about dynamic level rendering at a intricate level, which we should apperently should be expecting very soon.

    If there’s no cash shop i’ll happily buy this.

  6. spdeuce says:

    I love Gerritzen’s V-neck. And by V-neck I mean alpha-male chest hair that arises from it.

  7. Desng7 says:

    morgan webb is like i wish i could be in that beard

  8. NickAbc423 says:

    Not being free to play and not having a beta is quite a change from BLR but considering BLR is the kind of game I would be willing to pay 60 dollars for I have faith this is going to be good.

    • Wheelzz says:

      True but you also can’t expect every game they make to be free to play. I will have no problem paying for this game. I bet it will be very reasonably priced too.

  9. JewCFroot says:

    “Ol’ boy looks good on the tube…”

  10. Jonathan Beck hexidecimal says:


    Can’t wait to play this one. Looks awesome. I love the level layout selection by teams.

  11. Ofenlicht says:

    Borderlands MP.



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