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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by Dan


The KBMOD Uplink: Thursday, January 31, 2013

Plenty of links today on the one week anniversary of the Uplink (yay!).  Hopefully you are enjoying this daily content from us here at KBMOD. There truly are a ton of links today, so let’s hop in:

-Gabe Newell gave a lecture at the University of Texas recently and cited a surprising rival to Valve’s Steam Box plans: Apple. Gabe is afraid that Apple will create an Apple TV model that can also run all the usual iOS apps, basically giving all consoles and the PC market a run for their money. Check out several different view points on Gabe’s chat on The Verge, PCGamer and an article on Apple’s history with consoles on Ars Technica.

-In other console and gaming news, Sony has announced they will be allowing us to “see the future” of Playstation on February 20. Whatever Sony and Microsoft do effects all of the gaming industry, so stay tuned to this story.

-Another one bites the dust over at EA. EA has announced today it is dropping the Medal of Honor franchise from rotation after less than stellar reviews and low sales of the much maligned Medal of Honor: Warfighter. This isn’t entirely surprising, but it is an unceremonious end to a once great franchise.

-Splash damage, makers of our favorite game Brink (and the best game ever according to me: Enemy Territory) have announced that their new game Dirty Bomb has entered closed alpha.  For a mere $320 or $240 you can join in now. No, that last sentence isn’t a typo.

-The game we most hope comes to PC this year, Grand Theft Auto V has delayed its release date to September 17, 2013. I’m all for this if it means a better final product and (fingers crossed) a PC version. Still no announcement on that PC front from Rockstar.

-Need some new games despite the backlog you already have from the Steam Christmas sales? Fear not, Indie Royale Evolved is here! This time around in the name-your-price indie bundle: Unmechanical, The Path, Krater, Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory and OIO. Check it out over at

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4 Responses to The KBMOD Uplink: Thursday, January 31, 2013

  1. MattDaemon says:

    Well you can get into the BETA for Dirty Bomb for $30. I think these early access packs are for people who really want the game to be good and feel the need to support it. It just doesn’t feel like they are trying to sell you the game right now a la WarZ.

  2. iAmCyberwaste says:

    Paying to get into alphas and betas doesn’t sit right with me… Sure, I’ve done it for one (Planetside 2, with a tonne of other in-game perks) but the idea seems off… But ah well, looking forward to seeing what Splash Damage can do to redeem themselves from their crapped-out poop-coil that was Brink.

  3. Gatman94 says:

    Damn those bastards at Rockstar… Releasing the console version of my most anticipated game ON MY BIRTHDAY!



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