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Payday 2 Looks to Improve On An Already Great Formula

Payday: The Heist is definitely a KBMOD favorite. I did a whole series with Alex and Nick on my YouTube channel last year. The game combines Left4Dead style game play with crazy Hollywood movie style heists. What’s not to love? There is even an extensive leveling system and some extreme difficulty too.  The game really doesn’t have many faults, but Overkill Studios is going to try to top it.

Payday 2 was announced last year but now we have some details on what improvements and changes are coming to the game. PCGamer got a good amount of time with the game and has revealed some juicy details. Overkill has upped the stakes of the leveling system from more than just Call of Duty style perks to actual diverse talent paths. There are four ways to build your character and each one fulfills some individual roles in the heists.  The classes include an Enforcer who does the damage for your crew, the Ghost, who can more easily remove cameras and destroy alarms, Technicians can crack safes, use gadgets and repair equipment faster and Masterminds can turn cops to your side and negotiate with ease. This will allow you to better plan heists and not rely on just piling up bodies, which is what the first game devolved into most of the time.

There will also be more dynamic missions with evolving mid-mission choice. You may have a branching side story to follow if you choose. You can even purchase maps or safe codes before the mission with previous stash money that will help with the current heist. There is even talk of being able to case the joint before the heist. Definitely check out the full list of changes in the PCGamer article linked above.

Overall, this all sounds like the right way to do the sequel to a first great effort. They didn’t make an radical changes and if anything have refined the formula of Payday: The Heist. This game is a definite purchase for me and if the first game was any indication, it should be a $20-$30 title so it won’t strain your wallet either. No release date pinpointed, but it will come out this year so keep your eyes on this one.


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  1. L.O.P says:

    Oh man, I cant wait to get my hands on this.



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