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Published on April 8th, 2013 | by Dan


KBMOD Livestream Schedule: April 8-14, 2013

The streams this week are plentiful as we add two more streams to the schedule.

Monday takes us back into World of Warcraft as Dan continues his journey at level 18. Nikon will follow that up with some late night Smite. Tuesday we debut a new stream with a new broadcaster! Tim aka @Stafunoob will be doing playthroughs on Tuesday afternoons from 1pm-4pm EST.  He is starting out with Metro 2033. That evening we are doing a launch stream for Age of Empires II HD and giving away two copies of the game to subscribers! Hex is busy moving so Dan is taking over on Wednesday with a special night of Torchlight II with subscribers. Thursday Chezz is continuing his 30 days of Smite with the KBMOD crew and viewers. After Chezz, APL is heading back to his roots with some Counter-strike: Source action. Friday Blacklite will start with Megaman X and then continue his Ocarina of Time journey. After Nicks 5 hour marathon stream last week this could be amazing! Sunday there is no morning stream as Dan has a personal engagement, but the podcast will be at 10 PM EST with guests YouTubers Gassymexican and LoLRenaynay!

As always, you can tune in to all these streams on our Twitch page. Make sure to follow our channel to get notified the moment we’re going live! If you enjoy our streams and want to show your love for KBMOD, you can also become a paid subscriber to our Twitch channel! For $4.99/month, you get a completely ad-free experience on our channel and a special subscriber icon and custom twitch emoticons next to your name in the chat.

Monday (4/8) @ 9:30pm EST – The Grind w/ Dan: World of Warcraft – The Journey Begins Again! (Night 4)
Monday (4/8) @ 11:59pm EST – Late Night w/ Nikon: Smite
Tuesday (4/9) @ 1:00pm EST – Tim’s Tuesday Tomfoolery: Metro 2033 (Day 1)
Tuesday (4/9) @ 9:30pm EST– Launch Night: Age of Empires II HD w/ Dan and Hex (Giveaway!)
Wednesday (4/10) @ 9:30pm EST – KBMOD Special: Dan plays Torchlight II w/ Subscribers
Thursday (4/11) @ 9:30pm EST – The Church of Chezzus: Smite
Thursday (4/11) @ 11:59pm EST – APLFisher Presents: Counter-Strike: Source
Friday (4/12) @ 11:59pm EST– The Midnight Emulation Station: Random Retro Title/Ocarina of Time
Sunday (4/14) @ 10am EST – NO STREAM
Sunday (4/14) @ 10pm EST – KBMOD Podcast Episode 88 ft. @Gassymexican and @lolrenaynay LIVE

One Response to KBMOD Livestream Schedule: April 8-14, 2013

  1. iAmCyberwaste says:

    APLFisher Presents: Counter-Strike: Source

    A true return to form! Looking real strong.



I put the OO in Swagoo. One of the founders of KBMOD. I stream on Twitch as well as writing and editing for the website.

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