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Cooler Master’s Overwatch Invitational- A Fundraiser for High School Robotics Programs

This weekend, Cooler Master is set to pit 12 high school teams against each other in an Overwatch tournament. These teens are in for the full-fledged eSports experience, competing for a prize pool of $40,000+ for their high school’s robotics program.  On July 15th and 16th they will report to the ESPORTS Arena, one of the worlds finest eSports venues, in downtown Orange County, California.

The whole event is being broadcast to Twitch. With a full crew and professional casters it is sure to be a treat to watch. Viewers will also have a chance at winning some gear and Overwatch merch throughout the event.

Do you live close enough to make a visit to the ESPORTS Arena? The event is free to attend, and there will be exclusive prizes for those who are in attendance. While you’re there, check out the various booths from all of the different sponsors of the event and check out some of the upcoming and newest gear they have to offer. There will be a free play area with PCs setup for attendees who need to scratch that Overwatch itch.

Overwatch’s competitive scene is quickly growing and has a lot of eyes on it right now. Hopefully this event blows up and the support to raise funds for these high school robotics programs is enough that all of the schools in attendance feel an impact from it.

For more information on the event head over to the Invitational’s Website and find out how you can help support.

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