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Published on April 3rd, 2013 | by Brandon


KBMOD Mobile Wallpapers Now Available!


Hello everyone, Brandon W. here, your KBMOD graphic artist!

I recently did a little poll on twitter to see if anybody would be interested in some KBMOD mobile wallpapers. The response was overwhelming and I’ve made 5 different versions to start. I’ve included 2 versions of each wallpaper, one for your lockscreen (with the logo) and one for your background (without the logo). I don’t have an Android device so I’m not 100% how those wallpapers will turn out, I’d appreciate your feedback through my twitter: @oo7plasma. Desktop versions are coming very soon, enjoy!

Download Links:

> iPhone 4/4S & iPod Touch 4th GenLockscreen | Background

> iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 5th GenLockscreen | Background

> Samsung Galaxy S3 (Or any 720×1280 phone) – Lockscreen | Background

> Nexus 4Lockscreen | Background

> Nexus 7 tablet(fixed versions are being created)

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My name is Brandon and i am a graphic designer from Vancouver.

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  • tomcez

    They work great, cheers.

  • Hamish

    If only there was one for my Nokia 6303 classic….

    • Brandon W

      If you can give me details (resolution, ppi) just maybe….

      • Hamish

        240 x 320, ~182 ppi. If you can do one to that scale, brilliant; if not, no worries.

  • Wil

    Already had made my own kbmod background, but these are cool!

  • What is each device’s respective resolution?

  • Also, your links are backwards.

    -nexus4_lock/back.png seem to be for the Nexus 7 Tablet, but is listed under Nexus 4
    (and vice-versa)
    -nexus7_lock/back.png seem to be for the Nexus 4, but is listed under Nexus 7 Tablet

  • Average Joe

    how do you download them, or am I being stupid not understanding something very easy?

  • Lenovolol

    In android long press the background or lock screen link then select the “save link” option and it will be saved to your device

  • Lenovolol

    Also thanks for the wallpapers! Look great on the nexus 4!

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