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Published on November 1st, 2013 | by Dan


KBMOD Extra Life Stream Schedule

Everything on here is subject to change, so in reality this is probably meaningless, but hopefully we stick to it! Empty spaces are flexible times for donation incentives. Prize packs will be announced during donation hours. We will have a post relevant to winning the PCs from Newegg later today.


Friday, November 1

7:00 PM Playing Sonic 1, 2, Bioshock, Sonic Racing
8:00 PM Playing Sonic 1, 2, Bioshock, Sonic Racing
9:00 PM Group Games
10:00 PM Group Games
11:00 PM Isaac Races

Saturday, November 2

12:00 AM Isaac Races
1:00 AM Outlast w/ Scott
2:00 AM Outlast w/ Scott
3:00 AM BFBC2 or Tribes
4:00 AM BFBC2 or Tribes
5:00 AM CS:GO
6:00 AM CS:GO
7:00 AM
8:00 AM Portal 1 race
9:00 AM Portal 1 race
10:00 AM Divekick Tournament
11:00 AM Divekick Tournament
12:00 PM Divekick Tournament
1:00 PM Super Mario Bros 3
2:00 PM Super Mario Bros 3
3:00 PM Super Mario Bros 3
4:00 PM X-men/TMNT Arcade
5:00 PM X-men/TMNT Arcade
6:00 PM Smite with HiRezBart
7:00 PM Smite with HiRezBart
8:00 PM GTA V with friends
9:00 PM GTA V with friends
10:00 PM Podcast Episode 116 LIVE!
11:00 PM Podcast Episode 116 LIVE!

Sunday, November 3

12:00 AM TF2 mixes
1:00 AM TF2 mixes
1:00 AM (end of daylight saving time) Mirror’s Edge
2:00 AM Mirror’s Edge
3:00 AM
4:00 AM
5:00 AM
6:00 AM CS:GO Comp
7:00 AM CS:GO Comp
8:00 AM Howard Troutfingers Speedrun
9:00 AM Howard Troutfingers Speedrun
10:00 AM BF4
11:00 AM BF4
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
2:00 PM Group Game
3:00 PM End of Marathon

4 Responses to KBMOD Extra Life Stream Schedule

  1. Nemo says:

    I’m very concerned I don’t see any Dota 2 on the schedule. I know it’s just a mistake since all the KBMOD guys love Dota and know its the best game out there right now, but since you guys bring in such a big crowd for Extra Life I don’t want any of the newer people to think you guys aren’t going to be playing Dota 2. Thanks, can’t wait to see the updated schedule.

  2. heimer says:

    what was the other twitch page were there will be a stream

  3. Gatman says:

    R.I.P my sleep

  4. Typhlosions says:

    Hell yeah! I live in Germany so it might be a little hard for me to watch all of it, but I’ll stay tuned for most of it just like last year :)



I put the OO in Swagoo. One of the founders of KBMOD. I stream on Twitch as well as writing and editing for the website.

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