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Fortnite Director’s Cut Gameplay Video Shows Classes, Construction

Fortnite was announced way, way back in 2011.  In video game time that is like decades!  Don’t worry though, the free-to-play base building/tower defense/shooter game is definitely still in production over at Epic Games.

Today they have released a gameplay video with systems designer Cameron Winston and community manager KL Smith doing commentary to help explain what is going on.  There is exploring and scavenging during the day, collecting items to craft traps and defenses for your base.  Night time brings on the hordes of monsters that are trying desperately to break in.

One thing that seems potentially interesting is the Director aka the adaptive AI.  Each time you get through a wave, the AI will adapt to what you are trying to achieve in your defensive systems and bypass those.  You will then have to adapt your strategy in turn.  There are also three character classes in the game.  The Ninja is an edged weapon specialist with huge damage but fragile health.  Commandos are the gun wielding, grenade throwing, typical ranged class.  The third (and most unique) class is the Constructor.  This class focuses exploring and building.  This allows the constructor to build tougher walls or better traps as well as get discounts on materials needed.

So far the game looks a lot like a more fleshed out Orcs Must Die! and I’m totally OK with that.  Combined with the beautiful Unreal 4 engine in the hands that built it and we should have a great look and feel to the game as well.

Fortnite is still currently in development and any release window is TBA.


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