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Extra Life 2014: Just a quick thank you from @bpost34


I would just like to take the opportunity to thank all who participated in Extra Life 2014 – from the donors, to the talent, to the tech teams, to the promoters, to the sponsors – our community-wide Extra Life 2014 campaign was successful because you felt the calling to participate and help children and families in need.

On behalf of the KBMOD staff, thank you for dedicating your time, your talents, your finances, and your heart to the cause. It’s an incredible honor for us to share a team and a goal with each and every one of you. I’m humbled that many of you who had chosen to participate with us in previous years have continued to do so, and am so very grateful for your support. To our new team members who may or may not have been directly involved with us prior to the event, thank you for your willingness to say YES without hesitation and to carry our banner along with your own. I hope that this can be the start of a lasting and wonderful friendship.

At the time of posting, our shared team has raised over $247,000 (and counting) with just 161 participants and remains in the top overall team spot.

If you were unable to donate or meet your personal goal this weekend, please remember that donations are accepted through the end of the calendar year.

Special personal thanks to Philip of, Paul from Paul’s Hardware, Steve and Jenny of NeweggTV, Nic AKA Tetraninja, Bart from HiRez Studios, Dave from GunnarOptiks and our countless community members for helping to match donations and source giveaways for the KBMOD LAN party this year.

This is not our all-encompassing “Extra Life in Review” post which we’ll be working on over the next week or so, but please share your personal highlights and thoughts about Extra Life in the comments below and I would be very happy to incorporate them.

4 Responses to Extra Life 2014: Just a quick thank you from @bpost34

  1. Synchronistic says:

    Scott kissing Brandon was probably the greatest thing ever,

  2. roma4356 says:

    was good would fuck 10/10

  3. Jakepig says:


  4. keeponstreaking says:

    Thank YOU kbmod for a fantastic weekend filled with fantastic people. It is so inspiring to see a community like this come together for the task of helping sick kids. I can’t wait until next year!

    P.S. The podcast is the best yet, no competition.

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