Published on October 24th, 2015 | by David

RPG Maker MV: First Impressions and Review

RPG Maker has always been an accessible tool to help design some creative and impressive games.  With the new MV version, this still rings true, with very little changing on the design front. However, the changes that have come are very welcome.

Your games no longer have restricted resolutions, making them look better than ever before.  Native mouse controls, as well as the promises of HTML5, mobile device capability, and the return of Mac support will ensure that everyone will have a chance to play your game on a variety of platforms.

Other additions include support to make plugins with JavaScript, replacing the ability to access the game’s code directly from the software. In-battle phrases and menu terms can also be changed from their default words.

Be sure to watch the included video for a full detailed summary of the new (and missing) features, and to see an example of an RPG Maker MV game early in its development.

2 Responses to RPG Maker MV: First Impressions and Review

  1. Stafunoob says:

    I’m guessing about 3 delays from when you announce a release date until this game is actually available

  2. iKantu says:

    Just when I think KDZen can’t get any better he completely blows my expectations out of the water. If you skim over this article and don’t watch the accompanying video you are doing yourself a great disservice.



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