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Review – Little Nightmares

May 9th, 2017 | by David

When you take the team behind the artistically crafted LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway and put them in charge of an atmospheric

Review – INSIDE

July 21st, 2016 | by David

Developer Playdead has finally released their highly-anticipated title INSIDE for PC after a period of exclusivity on the Xbox One

Dark Souls III PC Review

April 4th, 2016 | by David

Dark Souls 3 still has another week to go before its official launch in all reigons outside of Japan, but I’ve spent the last

Review – Downfall

March 1st, 2016 | by David

Downfall has one of the worst introductions I have ever played in a video game. My first impressions were focused

Video Review – SOMA

October 13th, 2015 | by David

Frictional Games has become well-known for making some of the scariest games of all time. So when SOMA finally released

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