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Published on February 13th, 2016 | by KBMOD Community


PAX South 2016 Cosplay

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The second annual PAX South has come and gone. Unlike PAX Prime 2015, I was able to attend every day of the show and had all this time available to explore, play games, and snap some photos. I honestly believed that I had a plentiful collection of cosplay photos from Prime and expected my grand total of cosplay pictures to be larger for South. I didn’t expect the total to be this much larger for PAX South, with over 240 pictures for South versus a sub-80 photo collection for Prime. Similar to PAX Prime, I didn’t get a picture of EVERY single cosplay that I saw, but I’m confident I got the majority of cosplayers who were there. It did seem strange to me how the dramatically larger photo quantity happened since San Antonio hosts the smallest of the American PAX events, but the weather in San Antonio made for really good cosplay wearing conditions, so that always helps. I’ll end up missing PAX East in Boston this coming April, so if anyone in the community that will attend has a camera and a willingness to step up to sharing some cosplay photos there, that would be awesome.

PAX South 2016

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