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Hardballer’s Battalion 1944 Review

(We recently decided to give Hardballer a chance at putting together a review for the hot new title Battalion 1944. Below are the unedited and unrevised results and, boy, he sure did review the game!)

Whats up party people its your boy HB25 coming out you with another lighting fast video game reviews, let me take you back to the year 1944 WHERE SOME REAL fucked up shit was going down see there were these people called NAZI they like hated the world it something and then a brave group of hero’s stepped in to stop them and we is were he are IN Battalion 1944 you play as a BIG BAD NAZI or as THE FREEDOM FIGHTING GOOD OL Americanos. This game have a lot of great things going for it,

It’s like Day of Defeat, mix with CSGO , WITH A SMACKING THE FACE oF PROMOD, the gun play is smooth as ice, the sounds CRIPS as a newborn’s cry, The game plays like a Old school shooter and with the feel of the new shooter attitude. I can see myself at a top 1% PUBG PLAY  a 2000 hour CSGO GOD LIKE MAN Play this game for a long time THE BEST part is they got FREAKING SKINS I know skins.

Now I know what you think HB why won’t I just play CSGO or Call of duty well thought game are missing something that the Old schoolers had and that is soul and love for the style games be played with,

BATTLE LIONS 1944 IS A GREAT GAME with some Issues there servers are not flushed out and need some work, random lag spikes in game can make some people mad but for a $15 Early Access game its fine in my book, and runs great I will be playing a lot more of this game and I hope I see you guys on the battlefield

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