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Published on November 12th, 2012 | by Dan


Players Discover Secret Vault in Payday: The Heist


We love Payday: The Heist here at KBMOD. The game is a fun co-op or solo experience and has a lot of great PC features. Pulling off an epic blockbuster movie heist is a dream we all have, and Payday fulfills that fantasy without all the risk that goes along with actually trying to make it happen in real life.

Payday: The Heist has a ton of content, with an extensive leveling system and many possible paths for each heist, and doing a heist correctly can be challenging, even on easier difficulties. But for those who hadn’t gotten enough challenge, there is a secret vault in the initial mission, First World Bank. The vault can only be accessed on the maximum difficulty, and you will need very high level characters and a lot of time on your hands–as in, two-hours-to-drill-through-a-single-door kind of time.

Check out these Payday pros as they follow clues left by Overkill Software and work their way into the secret vault with a combination of strategy, skill, and serious dedication:

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