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Published on May 31st, 2011 | by Dan


>Call of Duty: Elite, Why You Shouldn’t Pay

>It has always been my belief that Pay-to-play only makes sense for one genre, the MMORPG. It has never made sense to me to pay money for an FPS, especially on PC. Someone is already paying for a dedicated server, why should I pay to play on the server someone else has already paid for?

So now we have Activision and Beachhead Studios releasing the news that there will be a “social gaming platform” for Call of Duty which will be pay to use. My first thoughts? What a joke. For let’s say 5 dollars a month, I don’t care to check my stats or get the new map packs anyway. The map packs are usually 15 dollars, that’s 3 months of the service. So if you get 2 map packs a year, you’ll get to pay 60 dollars for that year of service, when buying the map packs would cost 30.
They are also touting a social networking aspect for the service. For console, this is pointless, you can lobby with friends easily. For PC, it’s also pretty useless as you meet people in Steam groups (like ours) or on twitter or youtube to play with. You don’t have to pay anything for any of that.
I’ll play MW3, and I’ll continue to buy Call of Duty games, multiplayer is still free (the way they phrase that is so loathsome it’s unreal, but that’s another blog post). I just quite literally see no upside to this service at all. Keep playing how you do, PC gamers. This service isn’t anything you need.
Joystiq: Call of Duty Paid Service Article

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4 Responses to >Call of Duty: Elite, Why You Shouldn’t Pay

  1. Jonathan says:

    >I just would like to reiterate what Dan has said, if they don't release dedicated servers on PC AlterIWnet will put out a better game.

  2. Zackcy says:

    >Since COD4, nothing has changed. COD4 introduced perks and killstreaks. It chagned the game up, added a new meaning to the creating a class, and ultimately was a "new" game almost.

    COD 5,6,7 have ALL copyded the same exact game. The have elaborated a bit on the whole perk loadout and the killstreak system, but more or less it has stayed the same. In MW2 ppl still used still used the whole Bandolier, Stopping Power, Dead Silence setup. Oh wait, those were from COD4. No, in MW2 you used Scavenger, Stopping Power, Ninja. My god, that' so much different.

    On top of all this Activision will never release a proper COD. Why? Cause people will stop buying a new one ever year. You see, when Windows 7 was on the horizon, many people looked forward to it, because Vista was a uter fail (not that bad really). Windows 7 did everything Vista could do and even more, and is virtually bug free. The end result: Windows 7 is now more used then XP.

    If COD 8 is a great game, people will not buy COD 9 (if this dying series keeps going further), and Activision won't be able to sell last year's game (which is the year before's,before's,before's game), again to you under the guise of it being "new" for $60.

    Battlefield for example, has evolved over the years. Battlefield 1942 was a game with huge maps, land and air vehicles, and 64 players. Battlefield Vietnam was a reskin. Twas unpopular, DICE learned from that.

    Battlefield 2, introduced a modern theme into the series. It had a new revamped class system, with commanders, which changed the way teams communicated. It also included Jets, which were a class of vehicles on there own. And Battlefield 2 didn't have have $15 map packs that even a lazy modder could make in a couple months. Battlefield 2 came with an expansion pack, that included new gameplay mechanics(zipline), new weapons, new factions, AND THEN new maps. It expanded the life of the game and actually felt new.

    Going from BF1942 to BF2 or the Bad Comapany series, the games all feel quite a bit different. You can't simply just play one, and feel like you've played them all. It has been 7 years since BF2. Now this fall it's sequel will come out.

    There have been 7 COD games in the last 7 years, the last 4 being the same.


  3. Louis says:

    >This may learn towards no dedicated servers?
    I sure hope not >.<

  4. Rob says:

    >Seems like a pretty concise summary. They seem to kind of want to piggyback off YouTube's (or just the internet in general) success, but make you pay for it. Given that you can buy the map packs separately anyway, smells suspiciously like a cover for Bobby Kotick buying himself another extravagant house/expensive hooker/golden dildo. What a turd burglar that man is.



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