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Published on June 22nd, 2011 | by Dan


>Powercooler Coming Out with 6870×2, Pointless


Image courtesy www.powercolor.com

Powercolor is coming out with a dual gpu 6870. It should be an absolute beast, and given that one of the BF3 developers said dual 6870’s would be recommended for BF3, this is timely.

However, Powercolor is going to retail this card for $450. 2 6870s in crossfire would run you $360 or so. Granted you could spend 900 bucks and crossfire 2 of the x2s, but 900 on GPUS? No thanks.
Don’t buy this card. If you want that setup, buty 2 6870s and crossfire them. Marketing fails this time.
Powercolor Radeon 6870×2

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