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Published on June 6th, 2011 | by John


>Build of the week – BF3 rig needed?

>So you want to build a machine for BF3, but aren’t loaded? Okay. Sounds good. Maybe I can get links to work right. Probably not, though.

Case: (This is up to you, I’m just choosing the cheapest reliable case I know.)

Power supply:






http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231310&cm_re=gskill_ripjaws-_-20-231-310-_-Product (get 2 of these. Sandy Bridge = dual channel)

Grand total for BF3 ready rig:

Have fun.

26 Responses to >Build of the week – BF3 rig needed?

  1. Hello says:

    >Hey John, I know you probably dont care about this article any more but wouldnt you need a fan for your PC?

  2. cloudonpc says:

    >No the motherboard isnt cfx ready. I used most of these components my first time building a pc last month and I am really happy with everything except the motherboard. I would recommend a more expensive one or a different brand because the Gigabyte software doesnt work right and it has frozen on startup a few times.

  3. imkopZy says:

    >also is the mobo cfx ready

  4. imkopZy says:

    >well im going to get a 6970 instead hopefully it fits in the case couldnt find a website or place that said if it would if anyone know would greatly appreciate the help and if it doesnt fit in this case would it fit in the haf 912?

  5. Tortured says:

    >Any Idea how fast it would render a 10 min High quality video… For example 720p 10mb bit rate 10 min video?

  6. Andreas says:

    >Any CPU cooler recommendations?

  7. Brissmas says:

    >@Henrik Wouldnt even bother spending extra cash just to get OC Genie if your a newbie, just learn how to do it properly and your good to go.

    Id go with the Vengeance kit for $10 more because if you become interested in OCing in the future there a good kit.

  8. essinDEES says:

    >The gigabye mobo has a program called smart that OCs for you and adjusts the vcore as well.

    SSDs are whatever when it comes to power. They're for boot/load speed, not framerates.

    NipNops runs ripjaws and loves it.

  9. Henrik says:

    >@madmonkey541 or another GTX 460 if your PSU can handle it.

  10. Henrik says:

    >@Evan Corsair Vengeance are for overclockers. a normal Joe Schmo won't benefit from it.

    @madmonkey541 Get a 560 ti SOC and you're good to go.

    @essinDees You should put out a build were you still try to keep it cheap but don't let a set budget stand in the way of a good computer. Include: Modular PSU, SLI/Crossfire mobo, SSD etc.

  11. Henrik says:

    >Looks pretty good, but, you have to remember that the audience you're speaking to aren't going to be able to OC the first thing they do. Go with an MSI mobo instead because OC genie is good for the newbies.

    Corsair XMS3 2x4GB can run at 1600 mhz at low Volts. Don't know prices but it's allot cheaper were I live.

  12. Evan says:

    >Err… john your aware that gskill ripjaws has been having a fair amount of reported problems lately?
    I'd suggest corsair vengeance instead $10 more but worth it

  13. David says:

    >Wait, so should I put each component in the washer and dryer individually, or should I wait until I've assembled the whole PC and then throw the entire thing in? I'm so confused! HALP!!!

  14. madmonkey541 says:

    >LOL i already built an i5 2500k gtx 460 like 2 months ago, will this work?

  15. imkopZy says:

    >ok bro ttyl and thanks again for the build (:

  16. essinDEES says:

    >any case has enough room for good cable management. You just have to know what you're doing :)

  17. imkopZy says:

    >Great thats awesome i will prlly be getting this july 15 which is my birthday so thanks for this build and okay ill keep that in mind but do you think the case will have enough room for good cable management and airflow dont want the comp getting overheated

  18. essinDEES says:

    >It will destroy SC2.

  19. essinDEES says:

    >modular PSUs are more expensive, and alot of them are shit quality. For modular I recommend thermaltake toughpower 750w for the cheapest one I'd buy.

  20. imkopZy says:

    >and ciaran you have to build it these are parts John uhmm will this Run SC2 at max settings or good settings in general without lagging or no cause im big with sc2 an im looking forsomething that can run it as i will be joining a few online tournaments

  21. imkopZy says:

    >O okay and with this case i think it would be better for a modular if someone could afford it i understand this is a budget build but with a modular you create good airflow and this case is definitley going to hold all the parts well?

  22. Ciaran says:

    >Would this come prebuilt or would I have to build it?

  23. essinDEES says:

    >No. 750w ish to crossfire 6950s/6970s. GOOD 750w PSU.

  24. imkopZy says:

    >If i want to crossfire in the future is that psu good enough i dont think so im just wondering trying to future proof and keep it at the affordable price you put together

  25. Matthew says:

    >I'm getting a surprisingly similar build! Except a Z68 motherboard, a SSD and a different case :) Nice rig!

  26. essinDEES says:

    >Note: You can always check different websites like amazon and tiger direct to compare prices. I'm lazy. When we're building a high end machine, I'll probably do that.



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