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Published on June 3rd, 2011 | by Dan


>EA to Launch it’s Own Steam

>ugh. That was literally my first thought when I read this article. If you have played Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you know that EA’s attempt at a friends list and in game social network is a buggy failure. Friend requests sometimes don’t send, you can’t easily change your player name (in fact, you can’t at all without starting over). It has never remembered my correct password and doesn’t auto log me in, even when it’s supposed to.

EA is famous for half-assing everything they do for PC (Dice has saved the Battlefield series from the same fate). I don’t hold much hope for Origin. They just stopped even caring for their sports games on the PC, which is the only reason I even own a console, well, Netflix too.
You also have the “World of Warcraft” factor here. Blizzard has done the MMORPG so well, that any competitor that rises up is quickly shoved back. Steam is the same way. Valve has been at this a while, and they do it right. I can’t see Origin being something I use unless I am forced to with Battlefield 3.
Let us know what you think!
EA To Launch Steam Competitor

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2 Responses to >EA to Launch it’s Own Steam

  1. Alex says:

    >Steam dominates the market i really don't think EA will be able to top it, they would need and really unique/interesting usp.

  2. dominick says:

    >Competition in business is always a good thing. I probably wont use it either, but hopefully it'll force Steam to improve because at the moment Steam completely dominates the market.



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