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Published on June 14th, 2011 | by Bob


>Featured Videos of the Day – 6/14


zgmurph with an impressive Black Ops domination game  (Nine Inch Nails in the background doesn’t hurt, either in my opinion – bonus points)

Possibly a case of nepotism at its finest, Wulfie with an AlterIW Modern Warfare 2 gun game with APLFisher, PvtJ8ker, and funny enough, me (bpost).  You’ll notice me in the kill column.  A lot.  A whole lot. Way too much.  Jesus.  Why am I posting this?  You can even hear Scott and I whining in the background on ventrilo.

Highlight of the night for me, was a pub named CATSWAGGG trolling hard on APLFisher.

And finally, FatalityMob with a lengthy Duke Nukem “let’s play”

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