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Published on June 6th, 2011 | by Alex


>Kinect-ing Gaming Up To Life-Support

Modern Warfare 3. Kinect. Kinect still exists? Kinect is bad. Kinect is very bad. Kinect just killed console gaming. Kinect might kill gaming. That was my thought process while watching the Game Trailers Live Stream for the Microsoft E3 Kinect heavy press conference. It’s a scary day to care about immersive gaming.

Don’t be fooled by the childish nature of Kinect. It’s a clear statement by Microsoft (a statement that I’m sure will be re-iterated by Sony with their PlayStation Move and obviously Nintendo’s Wii) that game developers no longer care for the fundamentals of gaming, they simply care about the gimmick. The newest gimmick being Kinect and it’s the most destructive to date.

Gone are the days of thought provoking stories. Just punch your T.V. instead. Gone are the days of well acted characters. Just talk over the dialogue instead. Gone are the days of interesting game play mechanics that challenged the player. You are the controller now. It honestly sounds like a U.S. Army recruitment video.

This is either good or bad for PC gaming. Either Kinect will kill console and everyone will ride off into the sunset with PC exclusive titles, or all the casual gamers will eat this Kinect crap up and PC will fall even further down the rung past controller heavy games.

Also, don’t people see it will involve LESS gaming than they can now? So far all you can do is punch, kick and shoot. What about movement? Yeesh people, this is so damn bad. I’m not even going to start in with the Ghost Recon customization and how silly it is to change tiny internal features of a weapon when really you just want to kill terrorists.

Can’t speak for everyone at KBMOD, but I’m mad. I bet they are too. I just wanted check out MW3 and take a nap. Curse you Kinect, curse you!

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