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Published on June 3rd, 2011 | by Bob


>Let’s talk numbers



That’s how many times this site has been viewed in under 4 weeks.  Someone has clicked a link, a bookmark, or typed our address in to their browser over 20,000 times – in under 4 weeks.  For Dan(NipNops) and I, it was a milestone that we hoped to meet as a test of the public interest when we dreamed this up on Google Talk a few short weeks ago.  We’re not going to go all Sally Field on you (You like us! You really like us!), but this is truly a tribute to the community.


That’s how many people have joined the KBMOD Public Steam Group and found other bros to game with.  Many are rocking [KBMD] tags proudly – a community led effort!  Scheduled game nights are on our agenda  – if you haven’t joined us yet, please do so.


That’s how many people (and bots lols) have followed @KBMODGaming on Twitter, where failburner occasionally tweets links to our articles, and where Dan and I make a best effort to interact with our community questions and submissions.  

In the next few months www.kbmod.com will be going through a series of expansions and changes, depending on time availability.

Some features that we hope to bring you soon:

  • A customized website in replacement of our current host, blogger
  • Community forums
  • Community contests
  • Scheduled Game Nights for the Steam Group

We, the “staff” of Keyboard + Mouse or Die would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication to the community as a participating member, and we commit to continue to bring you interesting and important information from the PC Gaming world.

4 Responses to >Let’s talk numbers

  1. OG_Agent says:

    >When are the forums expected to be up and running?

  2. Alex says:

    >I think i speak for most follower's of the blog when i say, Thank you for providing great content to read. Keep up the amazing work bros.

  3. Zackcy says:

    >I would love it if you guys never said anything COD related :D.

    Thanks for the great entertainment/intresting blog, bros.

  4. Mike says:

    >*slow clap*



One of the founding fathers of KBMOD, and an unfortunate casualty of real life responsibilities. An IT professional by trade, and an elitist by choice.

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