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Published on August 19th, 2011 | by Dan


>Radeon HD 7000 Series might hit early 2012.


Elaine Liao, Powercolor sales director, leaked this tidbit of information. A Q4 2011 release isn’t out of the question, but I’d lean towards them taking their time. It is looking more like Q1 2012 according to Elaine.

The 6990 is the extreme card to buy right now. It’s strange to have AMD on top of the heap, but I like the competition between Nvidia and AMD on the video card front. They push each other constantly, in the best way.

We’ve had this gen for a while now and the 7000 series should be absolute monsters. And expensive. Really expensive. The good thing about a new generation means the old generation is going to drop in price. The 6000 series is still a great range of cards, and very relevant. Keep your eyes peeled for deals in the coming months as more facts emerge about the new line of cards.
Source: Vr-zone

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5 Responses to >Radeon HD 7000 Series might hit early 2012.

  1. DarkStreak says:

    >I currently have one Asus Matrix 580. So when the 6xx's come out next year gonna pick another up with the price drop. So 2 matrixes OCed to high heaves should be nice and future proof.

  2. vol1tion says:


    2x 6870s will get you better performance today, but you could buy one 580 now and always get another one later on to go SLI. Either choice will give you plenty of power for today's games.

  3. David says:

    >Would you recommend going with a GTX 580 or Crossfired 6870s? I'm building a new rig and trying to be a bit futureproof.

  4. NipNops says:

    >Yea, that's a strong set up. 6870 x2 is hot.

  5. Paul says:

    >Crossfiring my 6870 when the 7000 series comes out and they drop in price even further. That with a 2500k is going to be a great system. Now I just need the money to order everything besides the gpu and mobo.



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