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Published on June 20th, 2011 | by Dan


>Valve Working on Free-to-play Game

>Kotaku brings us news of a new free to play game that was confirmed to be in development. A French website has reported the news in french, I would stick with Kotaku on this one. John might go read the french though.

It seems it’s going to be a DOTA or League of Legends clone. Maybe even DOTA 2. I like that this is happening simply because it indicates Valve may release more free to play offerings in the feature and branch out this way. Not too many companies do this model, but it’s becoming increasingly popular. EA released it’s free-to-play Battlefield as well this year.
Kotaku link

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One Response to >Valve Working on Free-to-play Game

  1. brandon says:

    >This is why I love Valve, they're all about the consumer.



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