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Published on July 6th, 2011 | by Alex


>Featured YouTubes of the Day

>Hey guys! Featured YouTubes of the day here, Featured YouTubes of the day on KBMOD.com. Be sure to check out more videos from those featured and support PC gaming on YouTube!

Always a friend to the indie game here’s TheLeighBG with some BIT.TRIP Runner action:

JuhggerButts with a Let’s Play on one of the best looking games out there, Witcher 2:

Our very own John with the commentary for WASDGamers Top 5 CoD 4 Plays Week 7:

SageSparten007 with a Call of Duty 4 Star Wars mod montage w/ some great music:

Also, many videos posted by the KBMOD admins recently that shouldn’t be missed.

NipNops: TF2 Q & A, Hidden Introduction, Bropile Hidden, TF2 BDP
Aplfisher: Hidden Edit, Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Playthrough
Vol1tion: Why Modding Is Important
essinDEES: CoD 4 Promod Mix
PvtJ8ker: Star Wars Mod

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