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Published on July 13th, 2011 | by Dan


>Gamestop Looking to Compete with Steam/Origin

>Gamestop has finished acquiring digital resaler Impulse. This puts a third ring in the hat along with Steam and Origin.

Gamewise, Steam is king offering the most selection. Impulse is actually second and can only grow with GameStop behind it. EA is third because right now it only offer things under EA’s umbrella. Obviously, EA has a huge pull with it’s gaming library and overall size as a company, but Origin is the service I’m most skeptical of. EA’s online services for their games are, well, crap. Until Origin proves otherwise, my impression of EA is pretty set in stone as far as online services.
Impulse I’ve never tried, but frankly Steam has this down to an art form at this point. only time will tell if the other 2 are viable options, but most of us will stick by Steam.
GameStop Acquires Impulse

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2 Responses to >Gamestop Looking to Compete with Steam/Origin

  1. Zackcy says:

    >Lol ok Gamestop providing decent pricing might make it compete. Excuse me know I have about a dozen Steam games that cost me less then $40 total to play…….

  2. Eyrod says:

    >Last thing I need to pay spend more money after that Steam Summer Sales..



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