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Published on July 19th, 2011 | by Dan


>John Carmack Fires Back at Call of Duty Haters

John Carmack is one of the biggest names in gaming history. If you aren’t sure who he is, he is one of the founders of the legendary id Software. They basically invented the FPS and certainly put the genre on the map.

In a recent interview with IndustryGamers.com he lashes out at developers who have taken the attitude that Call of Duty is stale and not creative. In a lot of ways, he’s right. Even we gamers have said the franchise gets stale, but yet we still head out in the millions and buy each one as it comes out. Activision doesn’t need to be all that creative, they have a formula and we all know that for the most part it works. Hate on whichever CoD you didn’t like, fair enough, but you kept coming back. It is Activision’s job to stick with what they know and do it well.
He also mentions how Call of Duty just has a good feel. He’s right, Call of Duty does it well. The feel of a Call of Duty game is never clunky, never awkward. It just works, even the much maligned Modern Warfare 2 and World at War simply work as games. You might not like them the most, but they are still damn good.
If John Carmack’s happy with a franchise, we can all take something from that. After all, he basically invented this stuff.
Note: Our own John and Brandon will be seeing Mr. Carmack live at Quakecon this year. We should have a report on his keynote at that time.

12 Responses to >John Carmack Fires Back at Call of Duty Haters

  1. Dex says:

    >When you're still using pieces of an engine that is more than a decade old that has been the backbone to some other GREAT games… what do you expect? BFBC2 does have it's issues, for me it's always the fucking stairs, AGH!

    To me CoD feels more like a CS:S in it's run-and-go fast-paced, small map design. I prefer more strategy, teamplay and larger maps. I've not enjoyed a CoD since the second one. The third one is when they realized what a gold mine consoles were and it went down hill quickly from there. Also, fuck that retarded dolphin diving homofag bullshit. <3

  2. Steven says:

    >I agree that cod has smooth controls, BUT I don't think bfbc2 would be better with cod-like controls. The "clunky" feel of bfbc2 makes it so that you can't jump/run around like crazy and still get gg's. This works in bfbc2 in a way that people start thinking way more strategically to get from point a to b. I fking love this, the only thing that annoys the sht out of me is the lack of killcams in games like bfbc2 or tf2. I want to at least be able to see if I should leave the game bcuz of some hacker or if I'm just playing stupid.

    Cod is Rly enjoyable from time to time but I would play it a lot more if the devs listened more to competative players instead of the average 1.1 kdr joe. Remove ghost, 2nd chance. Don't be afraid to change perks, look at WoW, spells change all the time to balance the game.
    Would love to see a wow-like arena system in cod. Buying sexy camos cuz I got 2.2k rating, would <3 that.

  3. dominick says:

    >cod has the best controls of any FPS franchise ever…I just wish the gameplay lived up to that as well

  4. moniteleon says:

    >I'm arguing that CoD plays poorly in every other respect than controls. The sex part was an analogy for CoD's controls. The engine and controls do nothing to redeem the horrifucking terribad balance. Balance is the most important element of any multiplayer anything. Striking a balance is like striking a gold mine of fun, and controls/engine are only there to augment that. Knowing that everything is as it should be is what keeps people from getting frustrated at video games.

  5. NipNops says:

    >I also can hardly ever take CoD haters seriously when it's fashionable. That said, I love you all.

  6. NipNops says:

    >If you argue Call of Duty plays poorly, well, you really are insane. Can argue some of the games were bad, but playing them is never bad. The engine is well done, the control is great. I would argue BFBC2 has some clunk ass controls. Still a great game though. Also this comments section is much nicer than the other one.

  7. Dex says:

    >He is just defending his Quake engine. Nothing to see here. At least when I got to Quake 4 it wasn't like I was playing the EXACT SAME FUCKING GAME.

  8. moniteleon says:

    >The thing is, so the fuck what that people come back to it?

    It's like this. CoD is like a massive bitch who you have awesome relations with. It just feels so right. But in every other way, she's a scumbag, a terrible person. Nevertheless, you're shallow like that and keep coming back to her for the relations.

    Now, does the sex redeem her in any way whatsoever? No.

    Same with CoD. Just because we come back to it doesn't mean it's not a shitty shitty shit mcshittykins game series. It's just that we're weak people and have no self-control. We keep coming back because it feels good. In every other regard, it is easily one of the worst game series of all time. I'm not even exaggerating out of rage or anything. It's obvious that CoD has set many horrible precedents of game design in place. Everyone wants to be CoD, and what would otherwise be very good ideas are being contaminated by CoD bullshit.

    Success doesn't necessarily show good game design. In fact, just the opposite. If something is as successful as CoD, it must have widespread appeal. Now, Humanity 101 dictates that most people are punks. If something appeals to punks well, that something must be bad.

    I don't care what John Carmack has done for the industry. If he thinks like this, he's no longer any good for video games.

    Also, this is all IMO.

  9. RizziSmoov says:

    >Call of Duty reminds of this one time where I had Jollof Rice at my friends house and he decided to drown it in Soy Sauce, which I didn't like.

    It relates to CoD, obviously, because he praised the movement, easily the best part about the game because of the concept of the multiplayer, the foundation of what makes CoD CoD but they added some shit to it and now it's a mess.

  10. NipNops says:

    >Also what's activision going to do? Write a new engine? No. He makes money off quake from hundreds of people. If anything activision doesn't want to piss him off.

  11. NipNops says:

    >Thing is though, Call of Duty just doesn't suck. He's right.

  12. Bobby says:

    >Maybe its because Id Software still gets paid by Activision so that Call of Duty can use the Quake engine? Check on the back of you CoD game box and see that it still says "This product contains software technology licensed from Id Software" This guy thinks CoD sucks too, he just wants to keep makin the money.



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