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Published on July 11th, 2011 | by Dan


>MaximumPC Shows off their Dream Machine 2011

>Not much to write here. Keep in mind, this is what you can do with an unlimited budget. This isn’t practical, nor cheap. As with every year it is the cream of the crop and completely insane, and they even detail some old machines they created:

MaximumPC’s Dream Machine 2011


2 Responses to >MaximumPC Shows off their Dream Machine 2011

  1. mrMxyzptlK says:

    >i don't understand why they went with a quad core, especially for $300. I know the overclocked the dick out of it. even at 4.8 overclocked your not getting the same speed at say a six core clocked at 3.5, and many six-cores can be clocked faster than that. still, a beautiful machine

  2. vol1tion says:

    >@mrMxyzptlK: The 2600K makes far more sense than a 990X at this point because it overclocks like a beast and offers an upgrade path to Ivy Bridge processors next year. Also, a 2600K overclocked to 4.8 GHz will be superior to a stock-clocked 990X in nearly all applications.



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