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Published on October 27th, 2011 | by Dan


>MaximumPC Lists the 25 Best F2P Titles

>Free-to-play is a hot topic now in PC gaming and sometimes is seen as the reason PC gaming is making a comeback.  We touched on it a bit in our podcast roundtable this week.

This list, put together by the guys at MaximumPC, does list some great titles, some obvious, some not.  Global Agenda, League of Legends and of course TF2, are games we’ve talked about here.  Vindictus is one that I am definitely interested in.  It is based off the Source engine and is a Korean Style MMO.

Free-to-play is rapidly growing and with upcoming titles like Tribes: Ascend, Blizzard’s DOTA, Planetside 2 coming soon, we can expect it to keep growing in size and in quality.

What do you think about the F2P model?  Do you or will you play anything on this list?

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3 Responses to >MaximumPC Lists the 25 Best F2P Titles

  1. Jroch says:

    >F2P games are the future of PC gaming.

  2. namnkungen says:

    >Where is Bloodline Champions? Best F2P game out there.

  3. TrippingBowser says:

    >Love the f2p model for games. It gets more players to a game and still make money with micro transactions. I think that f2p at the moment only really makes sense for more arcade type games. I had no problem with tf2 going f2p and honestly wouldn't mind if css or lfd2 went f2p. Although I don't think this would happen because there isn't any sort of micro transaction systems for those games.



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