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Published on July 26th, 2011 | by Dan


>Star Wars Devs Confident

On the heels of what we here at KBMOD thought was a horrendous trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, the developers say they want this game to last for “decades.” A few MMOs have done this, heck, WoW is going on 6 or 7 years. Everquest and Ultima Online are still going strong and they basically pioneered the genre.

That’s the difference here though. There was never what appeared to be a half-assed, poorly voice acted, graphics from 5 years ago trailer floating around the internet. those games are all well made, solid games. I want this game to succeed, let me be clear on that. When Star Wars: Galaxies first came out, it was a fantastic game until it was ruined by patches and years of awful decisions. It finally and mercifully died in the last couple months. EA and Bioware have been handed an opportunity to take the biggest fantasy world out there, the one that desperately needs an MMO and make it into something great. They have 19 worlds and now have announced plans to expand that to hundreds eventually, ala EVE Online.
So far, the trailer hasn’t instilled confidence. However, EA have spent a massive amount of money on this game though and you have to think that they will fix it and maybe hire real voice actors. Please for the sake of the Star Wars mythos and gamers world-wide, make this work. This could be an all-time great if done right. You have big plans, so please follow through with them. I’ve heard from someone who has played an early unreleased bit of the game, that it isn’t as bad as the trailer shows. Hopefully, this all adds up.
May the force be with you, Bioware.
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