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Published on July 18th, 2011 | by Dan


>Steam Now Faster, Stronger, More Productive


You may have seen this, but even we have to catch up on news from the weekend. Valve has upgraded Steam’s content downloads. The software itself doesn’t change, but you should always see better speed from now on.

Our little Steam is growing up! And it needs to after the debacle that was me downloading Borderlands for 18 hours, when Just Cause 2 took 10 minutes. Hopefully Valve have fixed things like this. I tend to think they have. If you’ve tried it out since the announcement, let us know. It isn’t working on normal downloads fully yet, but in the write-up by Valve they tell you how you can take a look at it now.
Download Better, Faster, Stronger
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2 Responses to >Steam Now Faster, Stronger, More Productive

  1. yoeddyj says:

    >I was maxing out my connection on my GTA IV download earlier, all is well :)

  2. Sterling.Reaver says:

    >Yeah DL speeds have definitely gone up! I used to stick around 800-1000kbs now is at least a solid 2mbs.



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