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Published on July 6th, 2011 | by Alex


>Sugar Daddy Steam


Somewhere, at some point in the history of humanity’s existence, someone has uttered the phrase, ‘there’s no such thing as a bad deal.’ Well, that’s not totally true, at all. But Steam – the Valve run PC content manager and community hub – appears to be actively attempting to prove that phrase at least somewhat true.

Throughout the year Steam offers a host of deals on the games from its catalogue in participation with the developers that provide us with hours of enjoyable gaming content. This is great for everyone. Games with shrinking multiplayer communities can find new life (TF2), underrated and under marketed single player games can find a cult following (Metro 2033) and those on a budget can have access to experiences normally out of their financial reach (Black Ops). Then, during the summer, Steam offers a blow out sale slashing prices on franchises, developer catalogues (including Valve) and even some new releases. So I believe it can be categorically claimed that PC gamers are treated better than any other gamers out there by their respective ‘community managers’. Sure, Xbox players get the Call of Duty map packs earlier, sure PSN users don’t have to pay for online privileges and sure Wii users will have a lesser chance of getting fat while gaming, but where else in the world of gaming can you find cheap deals like us PC players are privy to and a system to house the games you buy so securely without the hassle of disks all within the reach of a few clicks of a mouse? That was rhetorical, you can’t. Also, the day Steam gets hacked is the day the world is sucked into an irony black hole.

The Steam deals system is also a very cunning, yet positive marketing ploy. Steam isn’t attempting to rip off its customers with fine print details, they simply offer a product you already desire at a discounted price and in return profit off volume of sale. It’s altruistic business is what it is and should be rewarded with loyalty.

Basically all I’m saying is despite the cost of our rigs, despite the declining interest in PC exclusives and purposely-coded PC titles from developers, to be a PC player is to be pampered. We get to have our cake, eat it and laugh about it too. I’m sure nobody takes it for granted, but Steam is about as good as any gamer could hope for. Which is why this is being posted. Yes, we will have to put up with EA’s arrogant little attention seeking hissy fit in the form of Origin but the only way for us to send a clear message to them is to purchase their product and wipe our hands of them. Steam should be our home, because it hasn’t given us any reason not to be. In fact, it’s gone out of its way to be the best content manager of all the platforms and for that, we salute you. But sitting down, we are lazy gamers after all.

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  1. Welshboy2142 says:

    >God Bless Gabe



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