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Published on July 20th, 2011 | by Dan


>Team Fortress 2 may be Getting a Space Program


Recently a smaller Team Fortress 2 update was pushed and now there are broken rockets in the backgrounds of maps and various other places. I was playing last night and didn’t think much of it, but knowing Valve it probably means something.

In fact, there has been much speculation as to why. My guess is partially that the real space program is ending and this is valves last hurrah for it. or maybe they are introducing an Astronaut class. Valve, you so crazy!
What’s yours?
Steam Forums thread with screenshots

picture via google public use

2 Responses to >Team Fortress 2 may be Getting a Space Program

  1. Sterling.Reaver says:

    >I keep hearing people say that valve is preparing for the Pyro update, and the Pyro is an alien!
    that would be strange. . . but not unfeasible(<- is this a real word?)

  2. ShortCircuit says:

    >Pyro update. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Now we wait to find from which Pyro came.



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