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Published on July 12th, 2011 | by Bob


>The Razer Mouse Bungee


Image courtesy www.razerzone.com

From the “WTF-were-they-thinking?” box (see the XFX Warpad), Razer brings out another astonishingly useless $20 accessory, dubbed the “Mouse Bungee“.  Edit: I’ve been informed that this is NOT a new product, though I was led to believe so by the @CultOfRazer tweet

According to Razer, the Mouse Bungee is a “mouse-cable management system” designed to eliminate the drag across your desk generated by the mouse cord.  Now, of course, this is for serious gamers, and serious business only.  Seriously.

If the following conditions are true, you can buy one at the Razer Online Store for $19.99 plus shipping:

  • You’re completely and utterly shameless 
  • This wouldn’t be the most embarrassing thing you have to explain away on your desk
  • If you ever thought “I wish I had something that would hold my mouse cord up in the air because it’s far too heavy on my desk – that drag is holding me back! THAT’S why I suck at Black Ops!” 
  • “Youtube money, I don’t give a #@$&!”

Now, I love you and all, Razer, but…

Additional edit: If I’ve offended you by my harsh criticism, I’m sorry but there are free alternatives to achieve the same goal, if it truly bothers you.  Try a zip-tie.

10 Responses to >The Razer Mouse Bungee

  1. WuLF says:

    >Razer Armadillo > this bungee thing…. chill out brovirtuosity

  2. matiK says:

    >Duct tape > Gimmick Bungee cords.

    And Korean BW/SC2 players also practice 12+ hours a day. I don't think the bungee is a factor in their gosu play. But I mean that's just me. Have fun with your $120+ mechanical keyboard plus gosu bungee chord, Bronze player.

  3. dominick says:

    >let me paraphrase virtuosity's post: "I bought this cause i thought it looked cool and now i'm trying to rationalize my utter lack of concern for money"

  4. eeVo_ says:

    >I just like balls. Get off my back.

  5. Dan says:

    >I'm shutting down the studio.

  6. Welshboy2142 says:

    >Wow, KBMOD is full of noobs who don't understand top of the range equipment

    I lol'd

  7. bpost says:

    >There you go, bro, I removed the offending tags, since we don't even use them. Sorry that you're so upset – it's a (seriously) niche item of what I believe to be minimal benefit for $20.

    If you truly believe it was worth the money you paid for it, great, but I for one think you might be taking this a bit too seriously.

  8. PCVirtuosity says:

    >Zip ties don't have the capacity to consistently keep very little extra cord exposed. They also don't have the ability to feed you more with almost no friction or extra force by your hand. Bungees are much more efficient, and these are of high quality.

    It's understandable that you as a person missed this staple of the PC gaming scene. That doesn't mean it's ok to call products your followers love and have wanted a loooong time 'fail, terrible, weird'. Just bad marketing.

  9. Dan says:

    >Wow bro. Mouse bungees are serious.

  10. PCVirtuosity says:

    >These are commonly used by korean SC&SC2 progamers. They are extremely difficult to find from reliable sources and of good quality in NA. The fact that you don't already know this shows how out of touch you are with the PC gaming scene. I'm extremely disappointed KBMOD let something like this happen, it's nearing Kotaku levels.



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