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Published on July 6th, 2011 | by Bob


>The XFX WarPad


Image Courtesy www.xfxforce.com
“What is this… I don’t even…” might be appropriate here.
If you’re eager to blow $55 on what probably is a new world record in size for a mouse pad, you may be interested in the 431x355x6mm XFX WTFPad WarPad.
It’s designed to clamp on to your desk, and create an “edgeless” surface to be more comfortable on your wrist.  On the one hand I can appreciate that, having at one point sliced my wrist with a MacBook Pro.  Not kidding.
On the other hand, this is a giant freaking mouse pad.  Some of you may not even have desk space available for this thing.  As far as pads go, this one is definitely designed for heavy flow.

All kidding aside – let us know if anyone a) has purchased and likes it or b) intends to purchase.

One Response to >The XFX WarPad

  1. Zackcy says:

    >For people who play the claw grip, I could see this being very useful.



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