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Published on August 8th, 2011 | by Dan


>Creator of Braid previews The Witness

>Braid was a revolutionary indie release when it came out. The puzzle sidescroller based on the ability to control time was addictive, difficult and beautiful. Now, Braid creator Jonathan Blow is at it again, with The Witness. This game will still be in development for another year or so, but this preview makes it sound very, very interesting.

If you ever played Myst, or Riven, you will see similarities right away. The game takes place on an uninhabited (so far) island filled with puzzles. You move through parts of the game unlocking the story through the puzzles, which unlock new areas to further exploration. There are recording devices throughout with a narrator who interacts with you, although you aren’t sure why. You won’t know until you unravel the full story. When the writer played the game, the graphics weren’t final at all, but the concept is pretty well fleshed out as described.
I am very interested as Braid is one of the better games I’ve played. This looks like another mind-bender for us to feast on sometime in 2012. The Witness should be out for PC and XBLA, although nothing is confirmed yet.
Full preview here at Kotaku

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