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Published on August 9th, 2011 | by Dan


>Dead Island Co-Op trailer

>Dead Island had better be good. All this press for these past few months. This Co-op play trailer is pretty sweet though. Take a gander:


4 Responses to >Dead Island Co-Op trailer

  1. Longdongsilver says:

    >This game needs to be pushed back it looks great, but there are too many games coming out this fall it's over saturated. It would be better suited to come out in the spring or hell the summer when nearly no games are released.

  2. Stefan says:

    >wow this looks really good but seems very similar to left 4 dead , im semi-excited for this

  3. RoryGreen says:

    >The tone of the trailers has changed so much over time, before the game was portrayed as an exceptionally emotional story by playing a video backwards in slow-motion with emotional music. Now it just looks like a generic hack and slash zombie killing game. I was interested in this game but the recent gameplay and trailers have made it look shit.

  4. Peeble says:

    >They make very good trailers, but judging from the gameplay footage we got not that long ago its going to flop.



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