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Published on August 29th, 2011 | by Dan


>Dominion for League of Legends Ramps Up the Pace

>League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world right now. However, it isn’t very noob friendly and has a steep learning curve with it’s current game set up.

Riot Games is looking to change all that with its new game type and map, Dominion. Dominion will feature all the heroes everyone loves but in a faster paced, simpler game type. The game will be a simple Capture and Hold. You can think Domination in an FPS, or TF2-like point capture. You get points and hold them, to win. The longest game they had was 31 minutes during testing. Normally LoL has a ramp up time at the beginning, where no one wants to attack, as you build up. In Dominion, Riot Games senior Producer Travis George said “if you’re not team fighting someone in the first 30 seconds, you’re doing something wrong.” No build up there.
I am not someone who is in to the LoL game type at all. I respect the genre and have played many DOTA variations (and had fun doing so), but the learning curve to really play well was always more than I could stomach, and the game, to me, felt too slow. Perhaps with this map, someone who wants to play casually can do so. I will definitely be checking it out. Now you will have choice as to what you want to play. I’m sure this game type can be just as competitive and be played at a high level. However, it is definitely is a better option for the new player.

Here is one of many trailers for this:
Source: Kotaku


7 Responses to >Dominion for League of Legends Ramps Up the Pace

  1. Mikan says:

    >Maybe I can farm for my future turtle and buy a ninja suit for him, if I weren't so lazy I would make a new account and call him: Rafael.

  2. Bizznichw says:

    >I'm sooooo READY to play!!!!!!!!

  3. moniteleon says:

    >The funny thing is, amongst other MOBAs, LoL is considered by many to be easily the most casual/newbie friendly. I still believe it's a difficult game to learn.

    On the subject of Dominion, it most likely will not be balanced enough to be played competitively. MOBAs like LoL have every single facet of their design catered specifically for their 5v5 maps. When Riot Games released a 3v3 map, Twisted Treeline, people played it for a bit and found out that it was horribly broken for a small pool of heroes. No one plays it anymore. The second you throw in a new variable as important as a map as well as new items (Dominion will have special items to buy), it becomes insanely hard to be balanced.

    That being said, I hope I'm wrong because Dominion looks like a very, very fun game mode.

  4. essinDEES says:

    >DO WANT

  5. NipNops says:

    >today i've had time at work. This is what it would be like if it was my job haha.

  6. Jugs says:

    >Youre going nuts on how often you post these articles. keep em coming!

  7. NipNops says:

    >Preparing for massive hate and people calling me an idiot. haha



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