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Published on August 24th, 2011 | by Bob


>GSNGaming Top 5 Picks of the Week Ep. 8 – Sniper Week!

>Our bros at GSNGaming continue their Top 5 Picks of the week with a sniper feature.

I kind of like the sound of Sniper Week.  Kind of like Shark Week.  Think it’ll become a thing?

I’m going to take credit if it does.  Just because.

The guys at GSN are now accepting footage from other FPS games, not just Black Ops.  Submit clips at http://gsngaming.com/submit

7 Responses to >GSNGaming Top 5 Picks of the Week Ep. 8 – Sniper Week!

  1. Fargo says:


    J8ker does those, and he moved and is still setting up.

  2. matiK says:

    >Real life is scary, yo.

  3. vol1tion says:


    We still do featured Youtubes, but might occasionally miss a day here or there. We do our best, but we're not perfect and we all have jobs and other real-life commitments.

  4. B2RBT says:

    >Maybe if GrittSauce submitted his epic clips, the videos would be soooo much better.

    Great sniper feeds this week!

  5. john says:

    >Because they are good people, that's why.

  6. GrittSauce says:

    >These are kind of underwhelming to be honest. The intro things they do feel like they're made for 4 year olds and the clip aren't all that impressive either. I don't mean to be a hater but there are better PC exclusive top 5 plays makers out there (see WASDgamers, plus John does some of the commentaries, so that's a bonus.) Maybe you guys have some kind of mutually beneficial deal/contract worked out but aside from that I don't see why they're such a staple.
    Please don't take this the wrong way, it's just my opinion.

  7. matiK says:

    >You guys aren't doing Youtube Videos of the Day anymore? :(



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