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Published on August 10th, 2011 | by Aplfisher


>KBMOD Podcast – Episode 4

>This week we get filled in from John on how QuakeCon went, what games he and Brandon got to play, and talk about some of his most memorable moments from the event. Dan does the “Rant of the Week” segment on the topic of games being too damn easy and Alex (as always) fanboys over Ken Levine. We also spend a lot of time on twitter questions since you guys sent in so many good ones. Enjoy!

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14 Responses to >KBMOD Podcast – Episode 4

  1. vol1tion says:


    Yeah, what Bob said. My college had ethernet ports in each dorm room.

  2. bpost says:

    >You'll likely have an ethernet port in your dorm room; I can't imagine that they'd prefer all devices to be wireless.

  3. Lucrative says:

    >Yeah, I'm going to college soon and am paranoid as to whether the internet at my school will be wireless only or also have modems. I'd rather be safe than sorry, though.

  4. bpost says:

    >Onboard ethernet for me. Thinking about using wireless?

  5. Lucrative says:

    >Thanks guys. One last question–what network cards do you use? Or do you connect using an ethernet cable?

  6. vol1tion says:


    The HAF 922 comes with fans, and you can add an optional side fan as well, if you'd like. You should be fine with those fans and an aftermarket CPU cooler. Good luck with your build!

  7. bpost says:

    >Sorry if it seems like I may have assumed you were an idiot – I didn't intend to.

    With the HAF 922, it should ship with the 200mm front, 200mm top, 120mm rear – all are fairly low RPM, quiet, and therefore probably fairly low CFM (I can't find the tech specs for the included fans). There's an optional bottom 120 or 140, and an optional 200mm on the side panel.

    Unless there's some sort of financial restraint, I say fill them all up, and perhaps upgrade the stock fans with maybe higher quality, higher CFM parts.

    For the 200mm, the Antec TriCool Big Boy 200 seems to be a popular choice that you may want to look at.

    It has three settings:
    83cfm, 108cfm, and 134cfm
    24dBA, 27dBA, and 30 dBA

  8. Lucrative says:

    >This is my first time building a PC. With that said, don't assume I'm an absolute idiot–I'm planning on majoring in computer engineering in college.

    I simply don't know how many fans I should have, and where they should be placed. I'm planning on getting a cooler master HAF 922, and overclock my i5 2500k to 4.5Ghz. I'm pretty sure just a CPU fan won't keep my system cool, but I just don't know what will.

    Also, I'm getting a EVGA Radeon 560 Ti, Asus Sabertooth P67, and Corsair 750 W modular PSU. The other stuff doesn't really matter, I'm assming (just a generic DVD writer and HDD, later planning on also getting an SSD).


  9. bpost says:

    >Are we talking in general placement? Or do you mean specifics such as cubic feet per minute (CFM), Noise rating (db), and type (sleeve, ball bearing, etc)?

    In general, Intake fans at the front, exhaust fans at the rear, but it becomes more specific depending on the kind of case you've selected.

    It also depends on how much noise you can handle. In college my tower sounded kind of like a leaf blower with my 3500-6000rpm 120mm which pushed around 200cfm at peak.

  10. Lucrative says:

    >Hey guys, I've recently educated myself as to what computer parts I need to completely build my PC, but I'm still a bit confused about fans. Yes, I know I should have a CPU cooler, (and I'm going with a Cooler Master Hyper 212+), but I don't know what other fans I should have. Any help is accepted, bros. Thanks.

  11. bpost says:

    >Again, we don't choose the ads, but to be quite frank with you, CyberpowerPC is one of the few semi-reasonable solutions for those who are unwilling to take the plunge.

  12. NipNops says:


  13. PvtJ8ker says:

    >Right, because we choose the ads, lol.

  14. Asshole says:

    >>un adblock kbmod because I want to support the site



    >i7 extreme

    >adblocks kbmod



Chode Master. That is all.

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