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Published on August 5th, 2011 | by Dan


>Skyrim Collector’s Edition Details and Demo impressions

You may have seen our tweets, but now we have pictures. As tweeted by Brandon (@vol1tion). the collectors edition will have a crazy foot-tall dragon.

I want one. There will also be an art book and Making of Skyrim… DVD. Obviously you will also get the game with this. The cost for this wondrous collection?
Steep. But seriously I want a foot-tall dragon. Need to start making that YouTube money.
In other details from the floor of Quakecon, the Skyrim demo was shown on a console and our guys reported that the graphics looked bad on console, which means beautiful on PC with all the options. John’s (@johnsfatcock) final words on the Skyrim demo: Has the potential to outclass pretty much any RPG you’ve ever played solely because of the amount of spells/shouts. Basically a very robust game, with what should be good graphics on the PC and an in-depth, much improved questing system. Sounds very promising.

The game releases 11.11.11

Bethblog: Syrim CE Details
Image courtesy Bethblog.com


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