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Published on August 18th, 2011 | by Dan


>Some Sandy Bridge CPUS coming down in price.

>Just not the ones you want. Intel is dropping prices in the wake of Sandy Bridge-E coming out, as well as Bulldozer. Unfortunately the i7-2600k, i5-2500k are not on the list (so go ahead and buy them now if you want), but if you want one of these you can get them between slightly cheaper in the coming months. As reported by CPU-world.com (all cuts in September unless noted):

Core i3 2120: $138 down to $117 (October)

-Core i5 2390T: $195 down to $184
-Core i5 2400S: $195 down to $184
-Core i5 2405S: $205 down to $201
-Core i5 2500S: $216 down to $205
-Core i5 2500T: $216 down to $205
-Core i7: 2600S: $306 down to $294
-Pentium G630: $75 down to $64 (October)
-Pentium G850: $86 down to $75 (October)

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3 Responses to >Some Sandy Bridge CPUS coming down in price.

  1. jaco6y says:

    >hmm, I might just save the extra to go intel instead of amd. Depends how much money I have to spend before BF3 comes out.

  2. NipNops says:

    >1090t and 1100t are decent.

  3. Zackcy says:

    >No I want an unlocked multiplier.

    Will wait for BD and see what my options are. 1055t is pretty shit.



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