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Good morning! The internet is STILL mad about mods.

Good morning.  I fell asleep to the sounds of Terminator 2 last night, so I’m automatically in a good mood today.  The rest of the internet? Not so much.  The podcast was excellent last night and it should be out for consumption tomorrow!

Pick a side: Elite Dangerous has added a new update which allows you to join a faction and compete or co-operate with other factions in war and commerce.  The game recently came to Steam, so check it out to get your space sim fix!

Old school brutal: DOOM is an obvious PC classic, but if you haven’t seen Brutal DOOM in action, well, buckle up!  The newest version of the mod is in the works, complete with animated gut-wrenching (literally) fatalities.  It will release in final on June 5th.

Rest in pyramids: Silent Hills is dead.  Nothing much else to say here. P.T. was very promising.  It sucks that corporate politics got in the way of what could have been an awesome game.

ALL the batpeople: Arkham Knight is looking real nice.  Now you can check out Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman in a new trailer. they also look real nice.  Except Nightwing’s sort-of-douchey hair.

Lakes in the sky: Intel’s Skylake line of CPUs has supposedly leaked.  the most interesting thing?  DDR3 and DDR4 compatability.  These are the next relevant chips for gamers, so definitely keep an eye on this.

These Ops, so black: War, war never changes when we keep the setting in the near future for four straight games in a dull franchise.  Black Ops 3 has been oficially announced and it is set in the future!  See some shooty man bang gadgets in this PC Gamer post.

Traffic jam:  A new Project CARS trailer has come to light, detailing all the multiplayer stuff.  this will be an amazing community night game as it can support up to 28 players in one race!

Grand Theft Mod: There is already a GTA V trainer and script mod out there, allowing you to do all kinds of crazy stuff.  And now, just like Just Cause 2 multiplayer, you can drop whales into the game. /whales was the best command ever.

Need more?  Go check the conversation on our forums or check when we will be live on Twitch next over on the schedule page.

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One Response to Good morning! The internet is STILL mad about mods.

  1. Sam says:

    These are the best. Keep posting em’ Dan!



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