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Published on September 9th, 2011 | by Bob


>BF3. Goosebumps.



This looks as real as a game can get:




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  • Jugs

    >Never cared for a military shooters campaign but this is getting LPed

  • Behemoth

    >Anyone notice the Operation Guillotine continues 09.16.2011 at the end? Beta date?

  • Eyrod

    >I wonder how well my rig will handle this game…

  • CharlieTango

    >Even with how amazing this looks, it's shit compared to how it will actually play on a nice rig 8====D~~~~O:

  • TrippingBowser

    >God damn Dice knows how to make a trailer that pumps you up

  • David

    >These are the kind of trailers Activision should have been releasing a while ago for MW3. EA definitely knows how to hype up a game.

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