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Published on September 16th, 2011 | by Bob


Bro Cave: @Bizznichw

>Hey fellow KBMOD followers, I am honored to be able to show you my BroCave setup. This is my very first Gaming PC and if I may say so myself, I did a damn good job!

As a Consololol player growing up, I never had anyone around me that was into PC gaming.  In 1994 my family bought our first PC, an IBM Aptiva.  This old paper weight still runs today and is responsible for setting that gaming fire inside of me.  My first PC game was Myst.  Seventeen years later, as good as it was, I had to download it again to Steam.  In March I decided to “Join The PC Revolution” as John would say.  After doing some research and watching many videos, I started my quest to not blowing up my PC.  Honestly, building your own computer isn’t all that hard.  The only hiccup that I encountered was having my reset and power wires backwards on my motherboard.  When I started up the beast for the first time, it just kept restarting.  Easy fix!  Then I dove head first into the WASD world.  Being able to fly to Dallas attending QuakeCon this year was an awesome experience!  Not only was it a blast meeting John and Brandon, but it really opened up my eyes towards how genuine “PC” Gamers are. Ok..Ok..enough with the B.S. Lets get to the specs!

i72600k Overclocked @ 4.3Ghz

CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ Push/Pull fans

Gigabyte P67A-UD4-B3 Motherboard

8GB Kingston Hyper-X Ram

MSI GTX560-TI Twin Frozer II OC

CoolerMaster GX750 PSU

CoolerMaster HAF 932 Adv. Full Tower

NZXT Sentry Lx Controller

128GB Crucial SSD

1TB WD Caviar Blk

Razer DeathAdder 3500dpi

Razer Lycosa KB

Dual Asus 24″ 1080p 5ms Monitors

Tritan AX720 Headset

SteelSeries Qck+

Here is my overall setup where I spend hours on end at night.  My desk at this time isn’t big enough so I had to split my monitors to each side.

I love how the lights illuminate through the fan grates!

This is with the side panel open.  I did however over look one thing when building, a Modular PSU but I kept my wires fairly organized…Hope you like my fancy shmancy lights :-)

When building and even to date, IMO the GTX560ti is a great “bang for your buck” GPU.  I am going to upgrade very shortly because my brother could use a newer card.

The NZXT not only looks good but I have it controlling my second fan on the 212+


12 Responses to Bro Cave: @Bizznichw

  1. Mikan says:

    >Sick Setup!

  2. Mr. Green says:

    >Glad to see someone else rocking the same netgear internet reciever

  3. Fargo says:

    >@shitass SSD caching does nothing. It's worse than not having it.

  4. shitass says:

    >@Fargo or if he wants to use his ssd to its full potential for caching, thats the only reason i'd get it

  5. Fargo says:

    >@shitass z68 isn't THAT much of an upgrade from p67, the only real reason to use it would be if your gpu was being RMA'd or if you're just an average user who doesn't need a dedicated graphics card.

  6. Aequitas says:

    >Sweet Rig bro. Now all you need is a proper desk. I also agree with spedeuce on the 570+2500K. More of a performance boost.

  7. shitass says:

    >y u no get z68!?

  8. spdeuce says:

    >Great setup! Although, I personally would have went for a GTX 570 and a 2500k, but to each their own.

  9. Lucas says:

    >Awesome Cave.

  10. vol1tion says:

    >Sweet setup, Jason. That LED fan monitor is so slick. Now clean up those desktop icons, and you'll be all set! :p

  11. Fargo says:

    >Solid cave, have to get mine in one of these days. Case on desk master race.

  12. ChodeNation says:




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